Will empower & educate families to become stronger together.

Empowering families with our:

Living Life Program 

-Releases individuals inner fear of life failures- 

Educating school students with our: 

Communication Skills Program

-The basics of verbal & non-verbal communication-

Self-Esteem Program -Building confidence

Collection of items are collected all year long:

Fill a Bookbag with School Uniforms 

2018-2019 School Year we will focus on Red Clay School District 

  • Uniforms; Collard shirts & pants 
  • White, Baby Blue & Navy Blue-Shirts
  • Khaki & Navy Blue- Pants  

Our future goals:

Thank you for your support towards reaching our goals 

  • Expand our board 
  • Gain long-term partnerships
  • Build more family community events 
2018 Drives
We Are Their Faces, Inc
2018 Programs
At our organization, every family gets the attention they need to bring out their full potential.

Get the gift of changing the world one family at a time.

2018 Goals