Collection of items are collected all year long:

Fill a Book bag

  • All K-12 school supplies 
  • School uniforms of all colors and sizes 

Winter Drive (in all sizes including adults)

  • Coats, Gloves, Hats & scarfs
  • Socks & travel hygiene products 
  • ​Famine products & blankets 

Get the gift of changing the world one family at a time.

2018 Drives
Programs that will empower & educate families to become stronger together.

Empowering families with our:

Living Life Program 

​-Releases individuals inner fear of life failures- 

Educating high school students with our: 

Communication Skills Program

-Understanding the basics of verbal and non-verbal communication-   

2018 Goals
We Are Their Faces
2018 Programs

Our future goals are to:

Thank you for your support towards reaching our goals 

  • Obtain a location to fully operate out of
  • Fill sponsorship Levels
  • Gain partnerships 
At our organization, every family gets the attention they need to bring out their full potential.