We imagine a world in which we could help empower individuals & educate small important skills of life with families, it will offer them a better opportunity on overcoming poverty. We believe most problems in life are from lack of communication & self love within a home. 

Will Webber

Retailer Consultant 

Johanna Vazquez 


April Harris

Volunteer Coordinator

Everyone needs love & encouragement to push forward in hard times. Come join our "Living Life Program" once a month at a local library. 
Education is key in life. We visit High Schools to help enhance student's "Communication Skills" which will allow them to gain greater opportunities. 

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Every child has a dream, it's our duty to bring it to light.


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We Are Their Faces

Are you a principle of a middle or high school? Do some students just need an extra positive push forward in their education life? Contact us for a meeting on a plan to prosper your students.