Our future goals:

Thank you for your support towards reaching our goals 

  • Expand our board 
  • Gain long-term partnerships
  • Build more family community events 
2018 Drives
We Are Their Face​s, Inc
2018 Programs
2018 Goals
We believe we can change the City of Wilmington, ONE FAMILY AT A TIME
Our Core Values;
​We believe in ourselves & those around us.
We aren’t here to judge, we are here to make a difference.
No one goes without support, we find a way for all.
Stay humble
Will empower & educate families to become stronger together.

Empowering families with our:

-Releasing individuals inner fear of life failures- 

Educating school scholars with our: 

Communication Skills Program

Self-Esteem Program -Building confidence

Collection of items are collected all year long:

Fill a Bookbag with School Uniforms 

2018-2019 School Year we will focus on Red Clay School District 

  • Uniforms; Collard shirts & pants 
  • White, Baby Blue & Navy Blue-Shirts
  • Khaki & Navy Blue- Pants